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We take a look back at some influential A/V of the past decade.

Back in 2000, few people had high-definition televisions, DVD popularity began phasing out VHS, speedy broadband Internet wasn’t mainstream, and people had just started stocking up on MP3s (the majority illegally obtained).

Companies like TiVo and Netflix that would dramatically change people’s viewing habits were barely out of infancy.

Now we can watch just about anything we want, whenever we want, and almost wherever we want — on our TVs, computers, cell phones. And super-high quality TVs don’t cost a fortune either … far from it, even for sizes equivalent to the super-space-hogging rear-projection sets popularized in the 90s.

To go with higher-quality TVs we also have better looking video content, as Blu-ray (and HD DVD briefly) brought HD to disc form. Those Blu-ray players can even do much more than play Blu-ray discs as the decade comes to a close now too.

We also have higher-quality audio to complete the full home theater experience. Higher resolution of uncompressed soundtracks on disc, and expanded audio options that have come about with the rise of iPod and other mobile/computer-based listening.

So we’re taking a look back at some of our favorites from the decade. We’re not getting into the automation category (though you can use your iPhone to control some of that too), but there’s been plenty else to change the landscape of A/V and home theater.

Click here for the Coolest Products and Tech of the Decade.

by EH Staff


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This Week’s Blu-ray Releases Get ‘Paranormal’

bluray-paranormal300Surprise horror hit ‘Paranormal Activity’ along with CGI pleaser ‘9’ mark this week’s scant Blu-ray releases.

Obviously the studios just figured if you were going to be purchasing some new Blu-rays for your collection or as gifts, you had everything you needed by the end of last week.

In this case, Blu-ray has saved the worst for last, as in this could be the worst release week of the year (though we did pick at least one for our Top 50 Blu-ray Releases of 2009) in the final week of ‘09.

Oh well. If you’re into horror flicks, you won’t be disappointed at least. The low-budget hit Paranormal Activity might make you a little dizzy the way it was filmed, but content-wise it seemed to be more entertaining than the low-budget thriller it was most often compared with, The Blair Witch Project.

The Blu-ray version details include the theatrical version, as well as an unrated version with alternate ending. Audio will keep you engaged, too, with the DTS-HD Master Audio soundtrack in surround sound.

Another horror movie on tap for this week’s release is Jennifer’s Body, about a demonic cheerleader. As if we haven’t seen that one before. Only this time it stars Megan Fox … in 1080p high-definition, of course.

If you’re more into animation and CGI, you may want to check out 9, which might have been in the theaters for about two weeks in case you missed it. Tim Burton didn’t direct it, but he was a co-producer, and the animation feel of 9 seems to be taken somewhat from Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride films. In other words, very good eye candy.

Here’s the full short list for this week, courtesy of Blu-ray.com:
9 Assembly
Home Front
Jennifer’s Body
The Marine 2
Metallica: Orgullo Pasion y Gloria: Tres Noches en Mexico
Paranormal Activity
A Perfect Getaway
Time Warp: Season 2

by Arlen Schweiger

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Top 10 Blu-ray Releases for December 22

district-9-openerDistrict 9, Family Guy, It Might Get Loud highlight this week’s sparse release schedule.

Not a whole lot to choose from if you’re looking to add to your Blu-ray collection this week.

Maybe the studios figure that everyone’s done the holiday shopping already, so no need for a bunch of marquee releases this week. The short list is highlighted by District 9, this year’s very well-received sci-fi thriller. And the reviews of the Blu-ray high-def disc are already matching the praise with the video quality—one review on Blu-ray.com mentioned that just about every frame (in 1.85:1 aspect ratio) features reference-quality video.

Combine that with what should be a stellar DTS-HD Master Audio soundtrack and we may have a latecomer for demo disc of the year with District 9.

Speaking of quality audio, one movie you probably did not hear about but is definitely worth checking out is It Might Get Loud. If you’re a documentary fan and guitar fan, this is a must-have. It features guitar heroes Jimmy Page, Edge and Jack White talking about what they know best.

Also this week, Family Guy is at it again with another Star Wars spoof out on Blu-ray. Something Something Something Dark Side gives the raunchy cartoon’s take on The Empire Strikes Back this time. Unfortunately it’s in the traditional 4:3 (1.33:1) aspect ratio and not widescreen, but we’ll overlook that for all the laughs.

And here’s the full list for this week, from Blu-ray.com:
(500) Days of Summer
All About Steve
American Pie Presents: The Book of Love
Beyond a Reasonable Doubt
District 9
Family Guy: Something Something Something Dark Side
It Might Get Loud
Jay Johnson’s Bootcamp Christmas: Ultimate 3×30
Jay Johnson’s Bootcamp Christmas: Ultimate Abs
Jay Johnson’s Bootcamp Christmas: Ultimate Body Vol. 1
Jay Johnson’s Bootcamp Christmas: Ultimate Cardio
Staten Island

 by Arlen Schweiger


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