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YouTube Video Mocks High-End Audio

C.I.S. is Charlotte NC's Source For Martin Logan Speakers!  Authorized Dealer in CharlotteAnimated video depicts salesman trying to overcome consumer’s request for Bose.

A YouTube video is attracting some attention in the high-end audio world.

The video depicts a female customer trying to purchase an audio system from a high-end audio store and “get her parking validated.”

Going on Oprah’s advice, she requests a Bose system.

The British salesperson mentions everything from B&W, Wilson, Paradigm, PS Audio and Thiel. When the client balks, the salesperson then tries to sell Sonos.

He even says he will commit suicide if she still wants Bose. It’s funny, but not so funny. If you have six minutes, click on the link below to take a look.

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by Jason Knott


Custom Installation Services, LLC – Charlotte and Boone NC’s Source For Martin Logan Speaker Sales, Support & Installation! (sorry, no Bose….)

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