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ViewSonic Adds Glasses to Go with Its 3D Projection

CIS - Charlotte & Asheville NC's #1 Choice For 3D Media Room Design!

CIS - Charlotte & Asheville NC's #1 Choice For 3D Media Room Design!

The company has introduced its $99 PGD-150 active shutter 3D glasses

Those 3D glasses aren’t going away, so you might as well find a pair that doesn’t make you look too geeky. Good thing the new PGD-150 from ViewSonic appears to be pretty sleek, and even comes with three sizes of custom interchangeable nose pieces so it’s stays comfy with all that 3D viewing you’re going to be engaging in soon.

For one thing, ViewSonic says it made the PGD-150 Active Stereographic 3D shutter glasses with an education setting in mind, so it says the product is “designed for heavy classroom usage and easy cleaning.”

That’s a nice perk, but we’ll be especially interested in how the frames do with home theater viewing when mated to ViewSonic’s own DLP Link 120Hz/3D Ready projectors, especially as more 3D TV and Blu-ray content is introduced.

The company says the glasses are good for viewing at up to 50 feet, which ought to make theater viewing from 10 to 15 feet away pretty darn sharp through the PGD-150’s TN Type LCD shutter and 1,000:1 contrast.

Batteries are included, and expected battery life for the glasses is 70 hours before needing replacement. Also, the build quality features a plastic, dust-proof design, ViewSonic adds, which should guard against the worst your old sofas or theater chairs manage to kick up.

The glasses are out now, with an estimated street price of $99.
by Arlen Schweiger


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5 Hot Technologies for 2010

168_hitech-home300Keep your eyes peeled for more home control iPhone apps, new cell phone functionality, and on-demand video.

Where is home technology headed? We saw some great innovations—many in the TV world—at the recent CES 2010 show.

We also talked to some of our friends who make a living as custom electronics professionals (CE pros) to get their take on what’s big for 2010. Systems that can help homeowners curb their energy use are hot; so are multiscreen video walls and housewide high-def. The popularity and use of these technologies are no where near pervasive, but we’ve certainly seen a paradigm shift as custom electronics professionals and consumers are beginning to include them in their home designs.

CE pros understand that importance of staying on the cutting edge. If they don’t, they risk losing customers. It’s their job to introduce homeowners to the latest and greatest in home technology. Even if you don’t latch on to some of their ideas now, you’ll at least be able to keep a pulse of where the industry is headed, and can add these devices and systems when you’re ready

Here’s where home technology is headed, according to a few reputable CE pros we asked:

More mobile control. Whether you’ve got an iPhone, BlackBerry, Droid or some other mobile device, you’ll be able to link to the systems in your house remotely through special programming (often free) downloadable applications.

Voice control. “The ability to ask a computer or system to play a song or pull up a bit of information seemed far fetched a while ago, but with Rhapsody, Hulu, YouTube, and Google, it seems only a matter of time before someone will be able to provide an interface that will able to support voice control,” says Brian Duggan of Union Place, Excelsior, Minn.

Video walls. Requests for video walls are increasing at Hi-Tech Home in Clovis, Calif., says company general manager Chris Green. “Whether it’s using six TVs that can be combined into one display or one large display that can be separated into four sections, a video wall is a lot of fun.”

Energy management. Technology is and will continue to be used increasingly as a way to conserve energy. Curtis LeMaster of Control Designer in Orlando, Fla., sees huge potential for LED lighting. “It’s going to have a big impact.”

Fiber optics. Entertainment is driven by content—both physical and downloadable. As the bandwidth requirements of this content increases, fiber optic cabling will become necessary, says LeMaster. “It is not well used in the residential market now, but this will change and change soon.”

by Lisa Montgomery


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