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10 Popular Audio Demos

Polk Audio Speakers - Available at Custom Installation Services in Charlotte, NC

Custom Installation Services is Charlotte, NC's #1 Authorized Polk Dealer

Polk Audio shares some of its favorite audio demo tracks.

During a recent visit to Polk Audio, the Baltimore, Md.-based manufacturer gave us a sneak peek at some of its upcoming products.

The speakers were great, and some of the audio tracks were fantastic. As you know, playing the correct tracks during audio demos is essential. It can sometimes make or break a client’s decision.

We recently shared the favorite audio demos and video demos of some CE pros. Now, Polk has shared with us some of its favorite demo tracks and why each works so well.

CIS - Charlotte's #1 Authorized Polk Dealer in The Carolinas!Yello | Fat Cry

The opening to this cut is very recessed and almost muffled with a good bass line then not quite 20 seconds in is like someone pulls a veil away and not only does the music become clear & detailed it also expands in size with bass that just says bet you didn’t know I could go this low.

The voices that come in after this are good and catchy but you just want to go back to the beginning to see if you really heard that.

I find this cut to be a very good test of a loudspeakers ability to show off what everyone is always looking for big, powerful, deep bass along with being accurate.  After the first time one has heard this cut, every time thereafter you are waiting, timing the moment that the veil is pulled away and the power of that bass note that arrives with, oh yeah.

CIS - #1 Martin Logan Authorized Dealer in the Carolina'sCantate Domino | Christmas Song

This cut has so much going on and, like Fat Cry, surprises you with its power and emotion as almost every person I have demoed this for over the last 23 years have experienced everything from a chills to tears. In the beginning it appears that the symphony is being played in a small hall or maybe a church along with a soloist as it builds you begin to realize this symphony is in a very large concert hall as the music begins to wrap around you revealing the immense size and height of the hall. This happens with increased volume and now a choir of voices along with a pipe organ.

Custom Installation Services - Charlotte's #1 Authorized Polk Dealer in The CarolinasCantus | She Moved Through the Fair

Excellent recording of acapella. Listen for the air around the voices, staging, and sense of life-like dynamics even (especially) in soft passages.

CIS is Charlotte's #1 Authorized Polk Audio Speaker Dealer in The Carolina'sMahotella Queens | Nomshloshazana

This joyful, upbeat track features layered instruments that are added in the first minute, demonstrating clarity and the ability to separate instruments effectively. Bass is strong and punchy when played on a high quality speaker.

CIS - Charlotte's #1 Authorized Polk Dealer in The Carolina'sLyle Lovett | Church

Lyle’s voice is front and center with the expanse of a choir across a broad soundstage behind him. Distinct hand claps and voices as they chime in now and then. Piano intro is early on, then the bass comes in with a full bottom end.

CIS - Charlotte's #1 Authorized Polk Dealer in The Carolina'sJohnny Clegg | Akanaki Nokunaka

This is just a great fun, traveling down the road cut with a great beat and Johnny’s amazing voice.

CIS - Charlotte's #1 Authorized Polk Dealer in The Carolina'sJohn Butler Trio | Bound to Ramble

There is tremendous separation of instruments. There is enough air that each instrument stars. You hear the attack on the Banjo. The rumbling resonance of the body of the upright and the overtones of the strings.

CIS - Charlotte's #1 Authorized Polk Dealer in The Carolina'sKevin Gilbert | Goodness Gracious

This track features an up front vocal that is good for testing lateral balance of system. The solid, driving bass line should be even across frequencies. The shaker in the introduction should be placed properly in space and have a natural sound to it.

CIS - Charlotte's #1 Authorized Polk Audio Dealer in The Carolina'sMighty Sam McClain | Too Proud

Impact and dynamic range of blues-man Might Sam McClain. Listen to the detail of instruments in the background such as organ and percussion. Better speakers resolve these impressively.

CIS - Charlotte's #1 Authorized Polk Dealer in The Carolina'sShawn Mullins | Ballad of Billie Jo McKay

There’s something enjoyable about listening to the basics of a vocalist and his guitar painting a lyrical work of art. This track allow you to listen to the natural sound of an acoustic guitar and feel the emotion of vocalist. Listening to music should invoke passion, or at the least, some type of personal reaction.

by Steve Crowe


Custom Installation Services, LLC – ”We may be a few dollars more than the competition, but we are a million times better”.

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Hardwired vs. Wireless Lighting Control

Lutron Radio Ra2 sales, programming & installation @ C.I.S.

Installing a wireless lighting control system in an existing home can be three to four times faster than a hardwired system.

In existing homes, wireless systems beat hardwired when considering labor costs, project size, system reliability, product cost and client satisfaction.

When homebuilders were constructing 2.1 million homes per year, who cared about addressing existing homes? Now with just 300,000 predicted to be built in 2010, existing homes are the last bastion of revenue.

As the market continues to transition, integrators sometimes face the choice of installing hardwired vs. wireless.

Here are five factors to consider when making that decision.

Product Cost: In general, hardwired lighting control systems tend to be about 20 percent to 30 percent less expensive than their wireless counterparts. That pricing difference also extends into the motorized shade control category, which is a form of natural light control.

One variable these days is the cost of copper wiring. It is a commodity that fluctuates. Right now, it is relatively low compared to some of the high spikes the market has seen in the past few years. A 3,500-square-foot home will require several thousand linear feet of wire, according to David Weinstein, vice president of residential sales for Lutron. Advantage: Hardwired

Reliability: Consumers, even more than integrators, are becoming comfortable with wireless technology. The pervasiveness of wireless computer networks, iPhone, iPads, etc., have even made older homeowners less fearful of “invisible” technology. On the other hand, hardwired systems are 99.9 percent bulletproof.

It is interesting to note the increased penetration of wireless in the home security field. Many motion sensors, doors and window contacts and keypads are now wireless. Security, of course, is a field where reliability is the most important issue, so the increasing use of wireless is a signal to integrators of the increasing stability of the technology. Advantage: Hardwired

Project Size: In the past, wireless systems had a more limited scale. But new systems, such as Lutron’s RadioRa2, can accommodate up to 200 devices in a home as large as 12,000 square feet. For perspective, a 3,000-square-foot home with lots of control might have 60 devices. So in general wireless is no longer limited in scale for most homes. Advantage: Tie

Labor Cost: The labor costs for installing a wireless system can be calculated in hours, while labor costs for wired systems can be calculated in days.

For example, a 60-device wireless lighting control system in a 3,000-square-foot home can be done by one technician in one day. A comparable hardwired system will take one man three to four days, depending on the number of obstacles faced when pulling wires. Advantage: Wireless

Client Satisfaction: I am not talking about post-installation satisfaction, but the actual angst that can be created from a team of guys crawling in attics, drilling holes, creating dust, etc. from a hardwired installation. When an integrator walks into a nicely appointed, spotless home, wireless should immediately be considered.

In many cases, a homeowner – from a neat freak to an Oscar Madison – will choose not to have an installation done simply because they do not want to have the disruption in the home. Clearly, a wireless system can be installed much quicker with very little disruption. Most of the labor cost is programming, not pulling wires or drilling holes.

The overall time of the job also plays into client satisfaction. As noted above, a wireless installation is routinely one-third the time of a hardwired installation. Advantage: Wireless

Final Rank: The bottom line: installing a wireless lighting control system is less expensive for integrators. According to Weinstein, it’s about 3X to 4X less expensive.

“When you analyze the cost of wireless vs. hardwired, the aggregate cost of wireless is clearly less for the integrator but also it is better for the client,” he says, adding that he believes wireless installations also help close more sales that otherwise would not occur. Advantage: Wireless

By Jason Knott


Custom Installation Services, LLC – Charlotte NC ’s #1 Lutron Radio Ra2 Dealer, Installer, Programmer!

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