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Home Entertainment & Automation Services in Matthews, NC.
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Best Products of 2009

best_products_2009_EH_thumb12012.08.2009 — It’s pretty safe to say we’re all glad that 2009 is almost over and we can look ahead with some optimism.

Despite the economic woes, 2009 wasn’t a total failure. There were many great products released that ran the gamut from Blu-ray players to projectors, receivers, subwoofers and more.

These products revealed several trends that are expected to grow in 2010, including adoption of Blu-ray, 2.40:1 home systems, migration to two-channel audio and more.

We’ve rounded up the Best Products of 2009 and broken them down by several categories:

* Best Overall Products
* Best Video Products
* Best Audio Products
* Best Blu-ray Player and Movies
* Best Accessories
* Best Video Games

Click here to view the Best Products of 2009

By Robert Archer


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8 Ways to Hide a TV

8_ways_to_hide_tvTVs are a fact of modern life. According to Nielsen’s Television Audience Report, the average American home has 2.86 TVs.

Hopefully, yours are of the flat-panel design. They’re much less obtrusive than old-fashioned CRTs and can squeeze into just about any space.

Still, a screen is a screen — not much to look at when you’re not watching something on it.

Manufacturers have tried to jazz up that big, black rectangle with colored bezels and other ornamentation, but those are merely Band-Aid solutions. The only way you’ll be able to completely ignore your set is to put it where you can’t see it.

There are lots of ways to conceal screens, and we’ve compiled some of the most creative solutions for your consideration.

Click here for 8 Ways to Hide a TV.

by Lisa Montgomery

 Custom Installation Services, LLC – Home Entertainment Audio and Video services in North Carolina.

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Inside SpeakerCraft’s Booth at CEDIA Expo 2009

speakercraftbooth_300SpeakerCraft’s CEDIA Expo 2009 booth couldn’t be more different than its 2008 Expo booth.

Last year the company de-emphasized products and played up business — albeit in the context of watching scantily clad dancers.

“We’re displaying almost all of our products [this year],” says Dave Donald, VP of marketing. The shift in focus is “sort of a yin and yang thing.”

“We did our business message last year. And we took it out on the road all year. This year, we’re back to products.”

Among the products SpeakerCraft is showing in booth 2418 are its Nirv multiroom audio system, which president Jeremy Burkhardt teased as “the largest product introduction ever.”

SpeakerCraft also is showing its first-ever receivers that are part of the new Vital line.

SpeakerCraft’s booth, of course, isn’t without its flare. The large “Burning Man”-esque tents seem to attract installers — hence the relatively big crowds.

We were wondering if SpeakerCraft’s always-interesting booth would emphasis “Nirv or Nudity.” The answer is Nirv.

By Tom LeBlanc


Custom Installation Services, LLC – Home Entertainment Audio and Video services in North Carolina.

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