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Netflix 1080p Timeline: When Will it Come to CE Devices?

The existing universe of 1080P Netflix devices includes the Sony Playstation3, Roku 2 XS and XD, WD TV Live and now LG 2011 Smart TVs and Samsung Smart Hub enabled devices, according to Tech of the Hub.

Netflix launched 1080p streaming in 2010, but we’ve barely seen it in smart TVs, networked Blu-ray players and other common CE devices from top brands such as Samsung, LG and Tivo.

Netflix 1080p was supported exclusively by the Playstation 3 when it launched last year, and since then has trickled out to media players from Roku and Western Digital. Netflix only this summer released a software developers kit for everyone else, and those everyone elses are finally incorporating the technology into their new and legacy devices (via firmware upgrade).

That’s good news for Netflix Watch Instantly lovers, but might be confusing as well.

As Tech of the Hub suggests:

The toughest part for the consumer is distinguishing the differences between all of the Netflix enabled TVs, Blu-ray players and streaming boxes at retail stores. All of them have the same Netflix logo on them. So, you can’t tell which Netflix boxes support 1080P, surround sound and subtitles.

The blog site has reached out to several major brands to determine when they will enable 1080p Netflix streaming for their CE devices.

Here is an overview, but check out Tech of the Hub for more details.

Samsung updated its Netflix app two weeks ago for Smart Hub-enabled Blu-ray players, TVs and home theater systems.

LG displays with Smart TV have been updated as well, with other LG devices following this month.

Netgear’s new NeoTV NTV-200 will support Netflix 1080p next year.

Pioneer’s Blu-ray players will not support 1080p for Netflix.

TiVo is working on 1080p Netflix streaming, but won’t say when it will be commercially available.

The big question is: Will Netflix raise its rates again when 1080p becomes universally available?!

By Julie Jacobson


Custom Installation Services, LLC – First choice for low voltage wiring in Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas

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EcoSmart Bulbs Make LED Lighting Affordable

C.I.S. - Charlotte, NC's 1st Choice For Lutron Lighting Control Sales & Design

C.I.S. - Charlotte, NC's 1st Choice For Lutron Lighting Control Sales & Design

Home Depot offers exclusive line of $20 energy-efficient lighting.

LED light bulbs are known for being extremely energy efficient. While we’d all like to be green, at $50 a pop, replacing every incandescent for an LED equates to one costly home improvement.

Home Depot, along with the Lighting Science Group, aims to make it more affordable to go green, with the introduction of its EcoSmart line of LED light bulbs. The first product in the line, the 9-watt EcoSmart A19, will retail for $19.97.

The A19 uses approximately 80 percent less energy than a standard 40-watt incandescent bulb and is expected to last more than 22 years. Plus, it’s dimmable, which means it can cut energy costs even more.

The dimming feature also makes the EcoSmart bulb ideal for use with a lighting control system. Per commands from the system, the light output of the LED bulb can be altered to set the mood for any number of activities: watching TV, entertaining guests, relaxing and meditating, for example.

Some facts about LED … if the $20 price tag isn’t enough to persuade you:

LED lights contain no mercury
The bulbs don’t get hot
They can last a long time – 10 years or more when running 8 hours a day
They require no warm up time to reach full intensity
They come in colors, making them a decorative option

by Lisa Montgomery


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